Monday, March 24, 2014

Black Gangs Target Jews In 'Knockout Game' Hate Crimes

Above is a video that I thought to be very powerful that is dealing with Hate Crimes. This video was captured in Brooklyn only a few years ago.What i undertook in this project my main point was to show how serious Hate Crimes are in todays world still. The ideal concept of this that I would like to share is to bring the awareness to people our age because I feel as if though our generation doesn't necessarily see this as a big problem in our society today. I think what is to be the most interesting to not only me but also what I believe my classmates will find to be very interesting is that this issue has to deal mostly with young adults who are continuing to do this crime. What I learned from after doing this project is that even children  from a young age are suffering from this. The major point that I want people to take home from my overall project and this video like I mentioned before is to be more aware. Know that this stuff is still continuing to this day and to help spread the word to others.

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