Monday, March 24, 2014

Black Gangs Target Jews In 'Knockout Game' Hate Crimes

Above is a video that I thought to be very powerful that is dealing with Hate Crimes. This video was captured in Brooklyn only a few years ago.What i undertook in this project my main point was to show how serious Hate Crimes are in todays world still. The ideal concept of this that I would like to share is to bring the awareness to people our age because I feel as if though our generation doesn't necessarily see this as a big problem in our society today. I think what is to be the most interesting to not only me but also what I believe my classmates will find to be very interesting is that this issue has to deal mostly with young adults who are continuing to do this crime. What I learned from after doing this project is that even children  from a young age are suffering from this. The major point that I want people to take home from my overall project and this video like I mentioned before is to be more aware. Know that this stuff is still continuing to this day and to help spread the word to others.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Exploration #12

Fresh was a very interesting documentary that I enjoyed. I enjoyed seeing how our farming system use to be and the problems that have been caused by new age farming. I also admire the one farmer who drives his chickens around to where the cattle have grazed. A direct quote that stuck out to me was “as long as it tastes and looks good…” This is honestly true amongst many people. Our minds think in a way that if something looks good then what could be the problem with it. I also enjoyed watching the big African American who had the grow house with warms and fish to fertilized his plants and break down recycled food.
Exploration 12
I feel like movie we watched showed us all how little most of us know about the food we eat on a daily basis. when they interviewed the farmer that had is farm in the city it was amazing to see what he could farm in the little amount of land he had and how he used other companies waste to produce new products on his farm and help them grow. i think its just amazing to see the different types of farms there are and how they are able to stay the same when the big companies are trying to run them out.

exploration 12

Hannah Loper
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Mike Lohre
                                                            exploration 12
In the film we watched called Fresh showed us how organic foods are healthier and better for our bodies, rather than the cheap food. In the film it interviewed many organic famers and showed how there produce is made. there was a part in the film where they were talking large crates of chicks and just throwing them down carelessly. this amazed  me because those farmers are making their living off those animals and they dont even care about them, and pretty much just sees them as a dollar bill. Some american famers feed their cows with the remains of other dead cows so that they get beefier and get heavier faster. this is unsanitary to me and very disturbing, that should not be aloud. this film was extremly educational and i really learned alot from it.

Exploration 12

Fresh gave us a glimpse behind the curtains of our nations industrialized agricultural sector and presented many reasons on why it's dangerous.  The damage to the environment is a very important factor to me when I consider conventional agriculture.  I feel that as a farmer you should know the land and how to care for it.  "Part of our responsibility as stewards of the Earth is to respect the design of nature". It's ignorant to think as the land as just property, especially when livelihood depends on it.  I'm interested to see if there is any legislature that is against this system of farming. No doubt that there would be heavy opposition to it on account of how much influence industry has with our leaders.

Exploration 12

One of my favorite quotes from the documentary Fresh is "American fear only one thing, inconvenience." I believe the most important is how they feed each other their own kind because they are dead. I believe I need to know more of why they feed each other their own kind. I know it saves on food but how could they kill animals to sell to us and feed the leftovers to themselves. The documentary just opened my eyes to what they have done and how they save on food. But is it really helping to feed each other their own kind and with all the virtues? I know they don't inject the shots needed for the animal care so is it really health for them to sell the animals for meat? All these questions have me wondering about the type of animals I need and is it really healthy for my parents and I to eat them. I found Will Allen greenhouse very effectively. All the plants he grows, he eats them and recycles the water within each other.

Exploration 12

Fresh reminds me of watching Super Size Me, obviously in the direct opposite direction but it takes someone to do something dramatic as killing off all of your pigs and starting over, or ordering McDonalds every day to show that the path were on is the wrong one. Fresh was extremely inspirational showing that the one man stopped raising cattle the wrong way and actually saved $14,000, which is remarkable  Even if this man did not make as much money as before when he was pumping them with steroids i would bet that he came out making the same amount of money as before but now in a healthy humane way. I really enjoyed seeing the one man rotate the cattle and chickens, I have never seen this before and doing so every thing gained from it. The cattle had fresh grass, the chickens were eating healthy in the grass just like a free roaming chicken would, and the farmer is prospering greatly off of healthy livestock. I believe it was this man that said "Find something that works and continue to use it." I completely agree with this quote because he has found that something and he looks and seems happy with his farm. I would classify this man as a true farmer that is in for the animals heath more than just the money.