Monday, December 3, 2012

Exploration 12

One of my favorite quotes from the documentary Fresh is "American fear only one thing, inconvenience." I believe the most important is how they feed each other their own kind because they are dead. I believe I need to know more of why they feed each other their own kind. I know it saves on food but how could they kill animals to sell to us and feed the leftovers to themselves. The documentary just opened my eyes to what they have done and how they save on food. But is it really helping to feed each other their own kind and with all the virtues? I know they don't inject the shots needed for the animal care so is it really health for them to sell the animals for meat? All these questions have me wondering about the type of animals I need and is it really healthy for my parents and I to eat them. I found Will Allen greenhouse very effectively. All the plants he grows, he eats them and recycles the water within each other.


  1. Feeding cows other deceased cows is very disturbing, its hard to beleive that farmers are really doing that, and then were consuming it.

  2. That quote is so true, we want everything at the time we want it.


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