Monday, December 3, 2012

Exploration 12

I think this documentary shared a lot of great information about farms and the importance of food being fresh, healthier, and not using pesticides which helps by making the food healthier for us and more organic. Many times food will have hormones in it to make the food bigger and also it will have stuff in it to better preserve the food item that is being consumed. This documentary showed that all of that stuff isn't necessary. It's better for our body to intake natural and organic things rather than man made and one of the farmers even stated that in the documentary. I think that this was important information to know because often i catch myself going to the store and for example if i look at the watermelons i think hmm, which one looks the biggest. This film helped me change my way of thought because now i know that the watermelon could of been filled with hormones to make it look "bigger" when in reality the smallest one could be the best because it's all natural. I think some information that we might need to know more about is the upkeep. For example, does the upkeep on an organic farm take much more work than a farm that just throws fertilizer and pesticides down and hope for the best? I think that could be looked into a little more with further research. However, the direct quote that I chose from the film was "men fear one thing, inconvenience." I think this quote is very true. With our world today we have everything at the click of a button whether it be smart phones, blue tooth's, etc. If something is at an  inconvenience for us we wont go out of our way to get it. Our society is almost in a sense kind of spoiled. thats why I felt like this quote stood out to me the most.

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  1. I agree exactly when i go to the store now, i tend to try to find a steak or fruit that looks the best instead of the biggest cheapest thing out there.


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