Sunday, December 2, 2012

Exploration Number 12: Fresh

Cattle Grazing in a Green Pasture

In class this past Wednesday we took some time to watch a documentary on Fresh, which focuses on the industrialization of the farming industry through the eyes of current participants, consumers, analysts and many more. I learned a lot through this documentary and my eyes were opened to this whole other dimension that I spend little time even considering in day to day life. I live in such a day and age and in such a country that I'm never in want of anything, food especially. How accessible is our food in this day and age, hardly any of us need to put forth any effort to satisfy our hunger. What I learned here is that there is a lot more behind the McDonald's burger I chose to eat than what may meet the eye. I found it especially discouraging to see how the animals where treated not out of respect of their uniqueness and value but as profit and convenience, thus many animals lead very sad and manipulative lives. Also, if we continue down this road of abusing this rich land and the animals God has given us we will reap what we sow if we don't change the way we do things. Judgement for our actions is already being carried out upon us as crises over the spread of diseases, and unhealthy food sky rocket. These poor creatures of this earth live miserable and agonizing lives which we continue to ignore.

But, we see that some farmers are choosing to do the right thing and go back to the basics. They take good care of the land and treat the animals with respect and do whats right for them by giving them clean living environments, proper sustenance, as well as greater pastures to roam on. When we step back and let the God inspired nature run its course things work so much better than when man steps in and tries to improve something that the Almighty has ordained. Beyond this, I see the need for me to learn more about what I can do to help support such farmers as stated above who are doing the right thing in how they cultivate the land. I will certainly look into such organizations and local farm markets.

"Americans fear only one thing: inconveince. All we do is want, want, want."

How powerful are these words. And sadly they are so prevalent in my very own life! Too often I take for granted all the blessings that God has poured out into not only my life, but on this country. But, let us not rest assured in all our past success but look at ourselves right now and take an honest criticism of what we do and how we can improve. Lest we forget that God will not continue to bless us if we keep leading lives that are counter to who He is and what He expects from us.


  1. I used that same quote as well. I thought it was very meaningful, true, and a bit humorous.

  2. I completely agree with you. We need to go back to the basics, and raise the crops and animals more responsibly. Not just do what is the most convienent for us. Us as citizens also need to support the farmers that have already done this by buying their products, rather than that from the large scale farms.

  3. Society and culture develop to the point that knowledge that used to be necessary for survival, is no longer needed. In a modern day society the best way to put food on the table is to find a trade that will be useful for the future, not to grow it yourself. Not to say that it wouldn't be fun and probably more healthy, just less necessary in this day and age.


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