Sunday, December 2, 2012

Exploration 12

             I feel that the line from the beginning of the documentary sums up the root cause of the problem discussed throughout the film. That is “American’s fear only one thing, inconvenience.” This reason is why we are raising animals and crops the way we are. It is easier. But is it really? Now we are fighting diseases and have to constantly be treating for these diseases. It might have started out as being easier by raising the animals and crops in a large group, and not using a variety of them, but that is just causing diseases, weeds and bugs to adapt to what we are doing and become much stronger. Nature doesn’t like monocultures. It likes when a variety of animals and crops are grown together, not all the same kind. An example of this is the Mad Cow disease, which never existed before we started raising cows all together in a feedlot.
            Fresh also points out that many people do not even know what they are eating, and how that food got to their plate. There are companies that have most of the control of the food chain, and they have part in it from the seed all the way until it makes it to the plate. This just seems like it could cause a huge problem in the years to come.
            I feel that this documentary has opened my eyes a lot to what is going on. I feel that we need to work to correct this, by doing more research on how monocultures cause problems, and ways that we can reverse these problems.


  1. Great post. I agree completely with your call to action at the end. We do need to find out more about monocultures and how we can stop them.

  2. Nice job! I agree with both you and Zach that we need to do research about the effects of the monocultures. Good essay.

  3. i agree with these posts also and yours Mark! A lot of the diseases that guy was mentioning on the phone i have never heard of before which kind of makes you wonder what they come from and how those diseases can be avoided.

  4. Not only are monocultures more unhealthy and unnatural, but they're also uglier. Who want's to look at row after row after row of corn, when it could be mixed for a more aesthetically pleasing contrast.

  5. i agree this needs to stop or we need to figure out a new way to do it.


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