Monday, December 3, 2012

Exploration 12

Fresh reminds me of watching Super Size Me, obviously in the direct opposite direction but it takes someone to do something dramatic as killing off all of your pigs and starting over, or ordering McDonalds every day to show that the path were on is the wrong one. Fresh was extremely inspirational showing that the one man stopped raising cattle the wrong way and actually saved $14,000, which is remarkable  Even if this man did not make as much money as before when he was pumping them with steroids i would bet that he came out making the same amount of money as before but now in a healthy humane way. I really enjoyed seeing the one man rotate the cattle and chickens, I have never seen this before and doing so every thing gained from it. The cattle had fresh grass, the chickens were eating healthy in the grass just like a free roaming chicken would, and the farmer is prospering greatly off of healthy livestock. I believe it was this man that said "Find something that works and continue to use it." I completely agree with this quote because he has found that something and he looks and seems happy with his farm. I would classify this man as a true farmer that is in for the animals heath more than just the money.

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