Monday, December 3, 2012

exploration 12

Hannah Loper
English 1110.03
Mike Lohre
                                                            exploration 12
In the film we watched called Fresh showed us how organic foods are healthier and better for our bodies, rather than the cheap food. In the film it interviewed many organic famers and showed how there produce is made. there was a part in the film where they were talking large crates of chicks and just throwing them down carelessly. this amazed  me because those farmers are making their living off those animals and they dont even care about them, and pretty much just sees them as a dollar bill. Some american famers feed their cows with the remains of other dead cows so that they get beefier and get heavier faster. this is unsanitary to me and very disturbing, that should not be aloud. this film was extremly educational and i really learned alot from it.

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