Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Groups for Presentation Projects

Austin and Alyssa: Y.M.C.A. and March of Dimes if needed
Kayleigh and Mianca: rise of the KKK
Michael and Mark: building of the Empire State Building
Morgan and Kyle: John Dillinger
Mike and Justin: Charlie Chaplin
Hannah and Perry: Prohibition and its repeal
Nick and Brandon: the WPA
Matt and Dan: Frankin Delano Roosevelt
Katie and Zack: Seabisquit

Monday, September 24, 2012

List of possible topics for Presentations

Amelia Earhart, aviation
Herbert Hoover, politician
Frankin D. Roosevelt, politician
Richard Correl, artist
Thomas Hart Benton, artist
Jean Harlow, actress
Edward Hopper, artist
Joe Hill, labor leader
Huey Long, politican
Bonnie and Clyde, bank robbers
John Dillinger, bank robber
Al Capone, gangster and mafia boss
Sinclair Lewis, writer
Mabel Dwight, painter from Ohio
Charlie Chaplin, actor, producer
Joe Lewis, boxer
Al Capone, mob boss
Lou Gehrig, baseball star
Che Guevara, rebel
Dorthea Lange, photographer
Bing Crosby, singer
NRA act.  National Recovery Administration
Auto-Lite strike in Toledo, Ohio
The Dust Bowl
Prohibition and its repeal
Smoot-Harley tariffs
Completion of the Empire State Building
Opening of the Golden Gate bridge
Lake Placid Olympics in New York
Battle of Matewan
Child Labor Amendment
Building Hoover Dam
18th and 21st amendments
KKK reaches peak influence
1st freeway in L.A.
Lincoln Tunnel in NYC built
Seabisquit achives fame
The Harlem Renessance
Black Tuesday Oct. 29, 1929
Groups and Organizations
Share our Wealth Society
Famers Security Administraton
National Union for Social Justice
Bonus Army, veterans of World War I (also an event, as they protested in D.C., to tragic results)
Civilian Conservation Corps C.C. C.
Works Progress Administration W.P.A.
S.E.C. Securities and Exchange Commision
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Reserve
March of Dimes

Friday, September 21, 2012

Research for Monday 9/24/12

While researching our particular topics for Monday, I came across several interesting articles on the Great Depression, Hobos contemporary to this time, the Dust Bowl, and the Oklahoma migrants. Here there are in order as follows:

I hope these are of interest to all of you and aid in your research as well!

"Okies" and "The Dust Bowl"

The link below is to an interesting site that has historical information pertaining to the book The Grapes of Wrath. The link goes to an article about the "Okies" who were people that migrated from Oklahoma to California and other Western states. It also explains why these people moved and also the problems they faced once there. This is not all that is on this link if you look at the right of the page once clicking the link it also has another article called "The Dust Bowl." This goes in more depth of exactly what areas were affected by the drought and why.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My name is Morgan Kuntupis. I am 18 years old and live in Delaware ohio. I graduated from Olentangy High School last year making me a freshmen in college. I have one dog named Zoƫ, she is a black and white shitzu. I love being outdoors. Fishing and singing are probably my biggest hobbies.

For as long as I can remember my grandma has smoked a pack a day. In this article I found it compares and contrasts the life of a smoker and non smokers life and also shows us what a smokers lung looks like compared to a non smoker. It also points out interesting facts that we might not have considered when thinking about smoking and all the negative affects it can have on our body and even our appearance. One thing that really stood out to me in this article was the amount of lives that smoking takes each year.

Kyle's first post

My name is Kyle Massey. I am 19 and live in Delaware Ohio. I'm the oldest of five brothers. I have four boxers and a few other exotic pets. I am a costumer service representative at a Kroger marketplace.  I am from Cincinnati Ohio and I plan to attend the Fisher college of business. I graduated from Olentangy High school in Lewis Center Ohio.

I found an interesting article about Mao Zedong. This article describes why some see him as a "champion of the poor, a visionary leader, a cult hero, a misguided social engineer, a blind ideologue, and a brutal tyrant". This article also describes Mao's early childhood and his desire for a higher education. This article describes how Mao led china into a great famine, having many of its peoples working in factories and not farming the land.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

first post

My name is austin gates I graduated from Marion Catholic in 2011. I enjoy watching and participating in sports all types of them. My favorite is more than likely football, i love watching the Cleveland browns no matter how bad they are. I also enjoy weight lifting and hanging out with friends. I'm majoring in Early Childhood Education and minoring in Business.

I found a website that gives some reasons for why many people could start or continue smoking cigarettes. It goes from being cool and mature thing to do. It also  states that some people did it to become socially acceptable and it just became a nasty habit. It also shows that some people thinks its a calming sensation to them. It shows what others think about cigarettes and what they think when they tried them.

Addiction to Nicotine

This is an article that has some pretty good facts on smoking. One of them being that smokers can be heavy smokers or light smokers which means the heavy smoker actually can extract twice as much nicotine as a light smoker from the same amount of cigarettes. It makes you think that maybe light smokers can quit with less hassle than a heavy smoker just because they do not take in as much nicotine even though the amount of cigarettes is the same. It also gives good advice on how to quit by finding a 10-20 minute activity that can keep you busy while you are having a withdrawal from a cigarette.

Monday, September 17, 2012


I am Michael Forry. I attended Ridgedale High School. I am currently studying to become a Mechanical Engineer. I live and work on a crop farm. I enjoy all sorts of power sports; anything from ATVs, side-by-sides, snowmobiles, and jet-skis. I also enjoy basketball and paintball.

I found a very interesting article about the Great Leap Forward.
This article gives details to some of things that happened during this time. One very interesting thing I read was were the author tells about the man who was nearly tortured to death...for digging up a potato. Also, a father had to bury his son alive for stealing a handful of grain.
It is amazing to hear about these kinds of things. You wouldn't think humans could do that to each other.
It's a good article. It can be found at:

First Post

I am Mark Forry. I graduated in 2011 from Ridgedale High School, which is about 10 minutes north of Marion. I am studying to become a mechanical engineer. I live on a farm where we grow corn and soybeans. I like to ride ATVs and snowmobiles. I also like to paintball and play basketball.

I found a page that shows that the electronic cigarettes can damage your lungs. They are making it harder to breathe. So they may not be a good way to try and help yourself get over an addiction to cigarettes. Here's a link to the article:

Nick Bailey Intro

My  name is Nick Bailey.  I am 31 years old and roughly midway through my junior year at Ohio State.  I am majoring in Business Management with a General Business specialization.  In addition to going to school I also own a small business that distributes Little Debbie Snack Cakes to local grocery and convenience stores.  I have been married for six years and have three children.  My three children are Madison who is 11 years old, Cole who is 5 years old, and Nolan who is a year old.  I do not have an abundance of free time, but when I find some, I enjoy following the Cleveland Browns.  

I found a small article on that gives a cursory review of the causes of smoking addiction.  The article itself doesn't present any earth shattering discoveries on the causes of smoking addiction, but I found a piece of information in the article that contradicts Difranza's essay. At the end of the nicotine section of the article, it states that pleasure is derived from smoking due to the release of chemical dopamine in the brain, caused by nicotine.  Difranza argued that there is no pleasure derived from smoking, just simply a suppression of craving.  Check it out for yourself by clicking the link below.   

Intro, and Mao Zedong

My name is Justin Gregorio. I've lived in Ohio for about five or so years, but I'm from Colorado originally. One of the most frequently asked questions I get after making this statement is, "Why would you do that!?!" The answer is, not by choice. I enjoy anything related to computers, politics, humor, or philosophy. Which basically means everything, so that statement didn't really clarify much about me at all.

This article, or page really, summarizes the life of Mao Zedong. This gives some perspective which helps to understand the circumstances of the essay analyzed in class. Mostly just names and dates, but what's really important is the information the page gives about Mao's history and radical political positions. Whether for good or bad Mao Zedong was a massive influence in shaping China as it is today.

Mike & Mao

Hello there, my name is Mike Sullivan and I am a Freshman at The Ohio State University. I thoroughly enjoy reading my Bible and long walks on the beach. Currently, I dwell in Marion, Ohio, but originally I am from Marysville, Ohio. I went to Delaware Christian School, there I played several sports, basketball, soccer, and baseball. I'm pretty easy to talk to and would like to get to know all of you better!

Click Here to Learn about Mao Zedong

In this article you will learn about the early life of Mao Zedong, and his love for swimming. Interesting isn't it? But, he actually tried to force his love for swimming on the Chinese public and asked of them too to partake in swimming. We also read about his rise to power and the people who influenced his thoughts and his principles. As well, we learn about his accomplishments and how those who came after him learned from his mistakes and adjusted accordingly. It is a great article, fairly short but an easy read. Thank you for your time and I hope that this article will instigate discussion both in the class room and for others outside the classroom. 

Cigarette Advertising

Hey, Everybody! My name is Dan Thompson II and I'm one of your classmates.  I'm studying Ecology and Natural Evolution and I'm a stout environmentalist.  Politically I would be called a liberal but I reject the label. I'm just a person with my own opinions, no point in making it more complicated than that. One day I want to have a part in bringing about global ecological awareness and hopefully start reversing the damage human-kind has already caused their environment.

I have a link pertaining to Tobacco Advertising.  Before the harmful effects of cigarettes were known, tobacco companies could advertise without regulation.  During World War II tobacco companies issued free cigarettes to soldiers.  Tobacco companies advertised very aggressively.  Some ads had endorsements from doctors, babies, dentists and even athletes.  Once the harmful effects of cigarettes became known the FDA sought to gain control over the industry by labeling cigarettes as an "addictive drug". They succeeded in putting regulations on the tobacco industry and its advertising.,9171,1905530,00.html

About Perry

My name is Perry Gabriel, I am from Wickliffe, Ohio which is about 20 miles east of Cleveland. I am a Browns fan which is a hard thing to do but I'm used to it now. I enjoy hunting in the winter and traveling in the summer. I've been to a lot of different places including most of the Florida Keys. Hunting is a big hobby of mine in the winter though because it brings my brother and I closer together as well as our friends.

First Post

Hi I'm Alyssa but I prefer to be called Lys. I am a Freshman at OSUM and graduated from Harding high school. I'm going to be 19 on November 17th. I plan on majoring in finance with a minor in accounting.

Being a cigarette smoker I asked the question "why do people smoke?" I thought it would be interesting what I would find on the internet to answer this question.The point that stuck out to me most is that it says that cigarettes are like your own little reward systems. You reward yourself with a cigarette whenever you choose. Another interesting point is boredom people smoke when they are bored. Neither of these really apply to myself, I usually just find myself smoking when stressed or when I am driving.

Mianca's First Post

My name is Mianca Tran. I am seventeen and I'm in class... I'm majoring in nursing. This is my first year at Ohio State University of Marion. My main focus in on school and only school. Everything else comes second in less family importance. Umm, I don't know what else to write. Oh, I'm Vietnamese nothing else also, I'm the only child. That's about it...
Some interesting research I found about methods proven to stop smoking is there are tons of methods such as a pill, a patch, electric cigarettes, cold turkey, etc. This article says that counseling is really helpful because they will coach you individually to help you quit. The second health clinics and the third is medicine. I found out that cigarettes have 4,000 chemicals that cause cancer, that's about 40 carcinogens. They say for new patients trying to quit, they should start with coaching and counseling to discuss about their goals to quit and how much to cut back or method to use. Also, they say the hardest thing to have while trying to quit is having someone around you a lot smoking.

1st blog from Kayleigh Shaffer

Hello everybody, Kayleigh here!! I am studying to be a nurse and I want to work in a children's hospital. I am from Marysville and graduated from Marysville High School. I have participated in my school's marching band for four years and enjoyed every last bit of it. I am employed at Burger King in Marysville. I excited to have finally started college.

I have been around smokers my entire life. Both of my parents and most of my other family members smoke. I have made it one of my goals not to get caught in the habits. I keep telling them if they were to quit smoking then they would save a lot of money and would be better off health wise.

This article I found describes some of the chemicals in cigarettes and how it destroys people's health. It is scary to think that my family is consuming toxic chemicals that can cause cancer, and lower life expectancy.

Brandon Intro

Hello, I'm Brandon Keirns, my home town is Cincinnati Ohio (The Queen City). I lived there for about ten years of my life then two years in Pittsburgh PA followed by the remaining years here in Marion. My hobby's consist of bowling, racing and hockey, I've bowled all my life and plan to bowl professionally later in life, as well as bowling i was K1 go karts in the summer. My favorite bowler is Tommy Jones and my favorite hockey team is the Pittsburgh Penguins, but enough about me now.

My research I am doing is alternatives to smoking. Electronic cigarettes or E-Cigs for short is a better alternative to smoking. The e-cigs use a vapor, liquid or juice inside of the battery in the e-cig itself. The vapor that is released from the e-cig is not harmful  to anyone around the smoker because it has no harmful chemicals inside it. Heavy smokers can choose between high medium low or no nicotine inside the e-cig and can choose from many different juice flavors or candy flavors inside the e-cig.

Introduction to Myself

My name is Matthew Klaus.  I am 18 years old.  I like to play with my hair when it gets long (like it is now).  I have blue eyes and blond hair.  My favorite color is blue.  I am 5'9 1/2" tall.  My favorite show is SpongeBob SquarePants.  I graduated from Marion Harding High School.  While at Harding I participated in Band, Choir, Telecom, Cross Country, Swimming, and Track.  I played the trombone while I was in band.  I like to play video games.  I HATE to shop, read, and write.  My favorite class this semester is statistics.  I am attending the Ohio State University Marion Campus.  I am a freshman.

first post Hannah

Hi my name is Hannah,  I'm a freshman at Ohio state Marion. I graduated from Ridgedale high school, in Morral Ohio. I enjoy to run, and one thing most people don't know about me is that I love to play video games. Ive lived in the country most of my life, and don't ever plan to move to the city. I'm Majoring in Nuclear medicine, and transferring to The University of Findlay in two years, to continue my degree.

After researching the safer cigarettes, i came across a "healthy" cigaret. These cigarettes have reduced nicotine, does not emit any smoke or smell. these are vapor cigarettes. They are chargeable and reusable cigarettes that help reduce the need to smoke. The link below has more information about the electronic cigarettes.

Zack- Introduction

    I am Zack Pendleton and you see me every Monday and Wednesday at 1:15. I am majoring in Early Childhood Eduction. Currently I work at an automotive shop and a horse farm. That is about it.
    For the research portion of this post I looked up the effects of the Cultural Revolution. What I found is a PowerPoint exactly on that. Some interesting details within the PowerPoint includes that the whole point of the revolution was to make a better China. It did not quite work out that way. With Mao there was also a gang of four officials that helped him lead. What I found also explains that most children in China did not get educated, they were forced into manual labor and farm work.

To find out more information go to:

Katie- Introduction

My name is Katie I ride horses and I'm getting my own project horse to train then sell next summer. my major is Early Education with a endorsement in 4th and 5th grade. My life revolves around the barn. wanna talk horses you have my attention. That's it oh I also have a horse and harry potter blog (it's a rough life trying to run two blogs believe me)

this is mostly about how e-cigarettes are able to help people stop smoking faster and that you can smoke them in public place were you cant a traditional one because of the toxins that they contain

Introductions, and research links

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For your first post, write a paragraph where you introduce yourself and some things about you.

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Good luck, have fun, and just let me know when you need help!

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