Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kyle's first post

My name is Kyle Massey. I am 19 and live in Delaware Ohio. I'm the oldest of five brothers. I have four boxers and a few other exotic pets. I am a costumer service representative at a Kroger marketplace.  I am from Cincinnati Ohio and I plan to attend the Fisher college of business. I graduated from Olentangy High school in Lewis Center Ohio.

I found an interesting article about Mao Zedong. This article describes why some see him as a "champion of the poor, a visionary leader, a cult hero, a misguided social engineer, a blind ideologue, and a brutal tyrant". This article also describes Mao's early childhood and his desire for a higher education. This article describes how Mao led china into a great famine, having many of its peoples working in factories and not farming the land.


  1. That article is very interesting. I think its amazing how he basically just forced his way into power.

  2. This article was very similar to mine. The difference was really only in the fact that mine liked to focus on the early life of Mao Zedong and his personal interests? Interesting. But, they both had the same result. One good thing about his life was that those who followed in his footsteps saw where he was wrong and were able to redirect China for the good of China. Good article!

  3. It seems like if Sun Yat-Sen would have lived longer and stayed in power, the country could've been a lot more democratic. The U.S.A. and China might even be on much friendlier terms, if not allies.


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