Monday, September 24, 2012

List of possible topics for Presentations

Amelia Earhart, aviation
Herbert Hoover, politician
Frankin D. Roosevelt, politician
Richard Correl, artist
Thomas Hart Benton, artist
Jean Harlow, actress
Edward Hopper, artist
Joe Hill, labor leader
Huey Long, politican
Bonnie and Clyde, bank robbers
John Dillinger, bank robber
Al Capone, gangster and mafia boss
Sinclair Lewis, writer
Mabel Dwight, painter from Ohio
Charlie Chaplin, actor, producer
Joe Lewis, boxer
Al Capone, mob boss
Lou Gehrig, baseball star
Che Guevara, rebel
Dorthea Lange, photographer
Bing Crosby, singer
NRA act.  National Recovery Administration
Auto-Lite strike in Toledo, Ohio
The Dust Bowl
Prohibition and its repeal
Smoot-Harley tariffs
Completion of the Empire State Building
Opening of the Golden Gate bridge
Lake Placid Olympics in New York
Battle of Matewan
Child Labor Amendment
Building Hoover Dam
18th and 21st amendments
KKK reaches peak influence
1st freeway in L.A.
Lincoln Tunnel in NYC built
Seabisquit achives fame
The Harlem Renessance
Black Tuesday Oct. 29, 1929
Groups and Organizations
Share our Wealth Society
Famers Security Administraton
National Union for Social Justice
Bonus Army, veterans of World War I (also an event, as they protested in D.C., to tragic results)
Civilian Conservation Corps C.C. C.
Works Progress Administration W.P.A.
S.E.C. Securities and Exchange Commision
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Reserve
March of Dimes

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