Monday, September 17, 2012

Brandon Intro

Hello, I'm Brandon Keirns, my home town is Cincinnati Ohio (The Queen City). I lived there for about ten years of my life then two years in Pittsburgh PA followed by the remaining years here in Marion. My hobby's consist of bowling, racing and hockey, I've bowled all my life and plan to bowl professionally later in life, as well as bowling i was K1 go karts in the summer. My favorite bowler is Tommy Jones and my favorite hockey team is the Pittsburgh Penguins, but enough about me now.

My research I am doing is alternatives to smoking. Electronic cigarettes or E-Cigs for short is a better alternative to smoking. The e-cigs use a vapor, liquid or juice inside of the battery in the e-cig itself. The vapor that is released from the e-cig is not harmful  to anyone around the smoker because it has no harmful chemicals inside it. Heavy smokers can choose between high medium low or no nicotine inside the e-cig and can choose from many different juice flavors or candy flavors inside the e-cig.


  1. its great that you have such a passion for bowling !

  2. Pretty cool Brandon. I do not bowl, but my dad is a former Ohio Junior Bowler of the Year. I raced quarter midgets from age 5-12. Go Browns!


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