Monday, September 17, 2012

First Post

Hi I'm Alyssa but I prefer to be called Lys. I am a Freshman at OSUM and graduated from Harding high school. I'm going to be 19 on November 17th. I plan on majoring in finance with a minor in accounting.

Being a cigarette smoker I asked the question "why do people smoke?" I thought it would be interesting what I would find on the internet to answer this question.The point that stuck out to me most is that it says that cigarettes are like your own little reward systems. You reward yourself with a cigarette whenever you choose. Another interesting point is boredom people smoke when they are bored. Neither of these really apply to myself, I usually just find myself smoking when stressed or when I am driving.

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  1. Its hard to believe that they are a reward for your body in a sense but that's what a addiction is i suppose. your body doesn't know its bad and craves it even when the person knows its the wrong thing to do.


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