Monday, September 17, 2012

1st blog from Kayleigh Shaffer

Hello everybody, Kayleigh here!! I am studying to be a nurse and I want to work in a children's hospital. I am from Marysville and graduated from Marysville High School. I have participated in my school's marching band for four years and enjoyed every last bit of it. I am employed at Burger King in Marysville. I excited to have finally started college.

I have been around smokers my entire life. Both of my parents and most of my other family members smoke. I have made it one of my goals not to get caught in the habits. I keep telling them if they were to quit smoking then they would save a lot of money and would be better off health wise.

This article I found describes some of the chemicals in cigarettes and how it destroys people's health. It is scary to think that my family is consuming toxic chemicals that can cause cancer, and lower life expectancy.


  1. Hopefully your mom and dad read this article and see all the ways that it's affecting them.

  2. Kayleigh, we have a lot in common. My dad side of the family smokes and I tell them to quit all the time. But definitely a good article about the chemicals. Now, I'm scared to go near my family.


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