Monday, September 17, 2012


I am Michael Forry. I attended Ridgedale High School. I am currently studying to become a Mechanical Engineer. I live and work on a crop farm. I enjoy all sorts of power sports; anything from ATVs, side-by-sides, snowmobiles, and jet-skis. I also enjoy basketball and paintball.

I found a very interesting article about the Great Leap Forward.
This article gives details to some of things that happened during this time. One very interesting thing I read was were the author tells about the man who was nearly tortured to death...for digging up a potato. Also, a father had to bury his son alive for stealing a handful of grain.
It is amazing to hear about these kinds of things. You wouldn't think humans could do that to each other.
It's a good article. It can be found at:


  1. This article is very interesting and is very revealing about how Mao Zedong ruled with an iron fist. Also seems credible being from the New York Times.

  2. that is an amazing article about the great leap forward!

  3. This article shows the great power that Mao Zedong had over his people, and how it seems as if it was not such a "great leap 'forward'".


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