Monday, November 26, 2012

Exploration Number 11

"The Compromises we have re4ached demand sacrifices on all sides. It was not easy for the supporters of Mr. Mandela or mine to relinquish the ideals they had cherished for many decades. But we did it. And because we did it, there is hope."

This quote from Frederik Willem de Klerk was key in his speech. He understands how democracy ought to work. Other than in a utopia can one have all of his or her desires lived out. In order that democracy will rule there needs to be bipartisan leadership, each realizing that compromises are going to be made and they must also be willing to do so. 
I have a friend, whose family has recently embarked to South Africa as missionaries, and they tell us often of just how bad things still are over there. The slums that people still live in, the clear segregation, the authority of which the minority (whites) still have. I have learned a lot from my "inside man" about how far South Africa has come but even more how far they are yet to go.

This article highlights his work in reform, and just how bold he was. He took the initiative to take on the huge task of removing years and years of apartheid from his country, even asking for a rewrite of the country's constitution.

The 14th Dalai Lama is photographed here. The name of "Dalai Lama" is a spiritual leader or title for said leader in Buddhism. 

Photographed above is a man who is currently exiled from his country because of his criticism of China's economics, politics, and so on. This is part of the reason why the Chinese authorities despise him so much because he is essentially a Martin Luther King, Jr., but to Tibet, as many seek liberty from the oppression of China. He is their voice of truth and reason and for this China will have none of it.

Troubles that I found in my research were simply finding things that Dalai Lama stood for and oppossed. Most of what I found were sites that I could go to to support him but not so much learn about him. Wikipedia only had information on what a Dalai Lama was and not so much what the most recent Dalai Lama was.


  1. I think the quote you used was very good, and I like how you put a personal story in your exploration. I also liked how you described the Dalai Lama, stating that he was like another Martin Luther King Jr. was a great comparison!

  2. Very good passage from F.W. de Klerk lets us feel that change and more positive ideas and things are coming.

  3. Your freind and his parents sound like remarkable people.

  4. I like your quote. It is very powerful and inspirational. de Klerk is a good example of how governments need to have compromises. I like your comparison to Martin Luther King Jr. They do seem to be very similar in their beliefs and struggles. Both fighting for freedoms.

  5. That quote is definitely very strong in his speech and definitely stands out. Its amazing that South Africa is still in its current condition, even after all of the progress that has been made. Good comparison to Martin Luther King Jr. It really helps relate the Dalai Lama to us. Nice Essay!


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