Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Inside Job Response

      Watching this documentary, I can't believe that these people knew exactly what they was doing and what was going on behind the scenes and still try to cover them selves up but not directly answering anything that came their way. Being in the big business like that people have to do this but i found it awful that they did this  over and over again and just the way that they did this.
     I find that some of the information in this movie seemed incomplete or misleading by the way that the heads of the businesses would not directly talk about that subject and talk about something else. They also wouldn't give a prime example or experience that was going on.
    I believe that many wall street executives are big in the political parties because of the money they have and the way that they run there business with some of the political heads, also having political heads inside their companies they seem to be buddy buddy and look out after each other. I think they keep in power even when the house changes because once again they many political heads are in with these executives and stay with them no matter what.
    "i believe i don't have to answer these questions, in fact you have less than five minutes here" avoiding the subject like this, seeing that they are being caught off guard and not fully answering the question because of the questions being asked her.




  1. I totally agree about how ridiculous it is that they knew what they were doing but they just didn't care. It was so obvious too. Good Quote. Nice Essay.

  2. I love the quote you used. It just shows how uneasy he was with the questions being asked. makes you wonder what more they had to hide.

  3. I agree that these representative and executives tried to cover their tracks by avoiding questions that would endanger them if they were to answer. I thought this quote was great because it is the exact answer that people would expect from people who are caught up in a scheme or a scandal.

  4. I agree with you that they have power in the political parties because of the money that they donate. It is sad that they, and and the government knew of a possible collapse, and neither did anything just because they were making money, and thats all that mattered.


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