Sunday, December 2, 2012

Exploration 12

In the documentary, Fresh a guy said all our economy cares about is “more cheap stuff, more and more cheap stuff.” After watching this documentary I know I am not one of those people who just cares about cheap stuff.  Many parts of this documentary disgusted me but also inspired me. Seeing the nasty and harsh conditions the animals we eat live in inspires me to someday attempt to run a small farm. I have been interested in farming for quite a while but have not found a way to make it a fiscally responsible move since I would be starting from scratch. Yet after watching this, there seems to be a need for better farming tactics before the majority of our nation’s food becomes poison which makes money a less significant factor. Anyway, this movie also brought forth a couple of questions I feel need to be asked. What stores sell food that is naturally grown or raised? The video made a comment that if all farms grew the vegetables and raised the meat in a natural way it could produce enough food. The question is; if these methods are so much healthier and can produce enough food then why are major farms not doing it this way? This to me just does not make much sense because even if there would be less food being produced it would not cause the businesses to loss money; lower supply would simply cause higher prices which would even itself out over time. 


  1. I agree. This film is truly inspirational. But, I do not see myself as a farmer, mainly because I have lived in an apartment my entire life.

  2. I agree with what you said. It is a very good question as to why the large farms are not growing crops and livestock in a more natural way. If we can still grow as much, why not do it a way that is healtier for us, and the plants and animals.

  3. Good Essay. I definitely agree that if farms can produce enough food naturally, then why aren't they doing it that way. Nice job!


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