Monday, October 1, 2012

Chapter 13

            Chapter 13 was the most engaging and important chapter to me. Reading this chapter went faster than previous chapters because it was more interesting and entertaining. They are finally on their way out west to California. A theme I seen a lot in this chapter is the power of family and friendship. Like when the Joad’s pulled over near the Wilson’s. One of the examples is when Gampa dies and Sairy helps out the family. Another example is when Tom helps fix the Wilson’s car. They are working together towards a common goal of getting to California.
            “Rose of Sharon screamed shrilly. A big swift car whisked near, tires squealed. The dog dodged helplessly, and with a shriek, cut off in the middle, went under the wheels. The big car slowed for a moment and faces looked back, and then it gathered greater speed and disappeared. And the dog, a blot of blood and tangled, burst intestines, kicked slowly in the road.” (pp. 131)
I picked this passage to share because anything that has to do with an animal dying really sticks out to me, because I am an animal lover. I couldn’t image ever losing any of my pets.


  1. I agree that it was one of the best chapters, for me it was because the story finally got moving with a plot.

  2. People working together toward a common goal forge bonds of friendship in their struggle. So I agree that friendship, specifically new friendship, is a theme in Chapter 13.

  3. I agree that this part was very interesting because it shows that even both families are going through struggles they still want to help each other out. Where as when the tenant came to the goads house he didn't care about helping out the community it was all about what was best for him and his family he didn't really care where they ended up. I just found this part very inspiring to know that even both are going through struggles they still stop to help each other out.

  4. it was very detailed and vivid it let you know how busy route 66 was and would be during the journey.


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