Monday, October 15, 2012

Death exploration 7

Katie Holland
English 11z0.03
Professor Lohre
October 15 2012

One theme that keeps presenting its self in the book would be death. When researched I found that the government did not keep track of the amount of deaths during this ”Great Migration”. I would say this Is like today in the way that people die at a faster rate in time of needs (depression, war etc.) it seems as if the government now is doing what the government did then, ignore the amount of deaths. The number of Americans dying due to the great stress of not knowing if they are going to be able to feed their own families. I read a story on one of the pages that said two women had to help find food for their families. One women would walk on the paths of the wagons and pick up any vegetables left behind or that have fallen out, also she would gather fish from the fish market that the men would give her. The other women her husband had to go out and pick dandelions because their family hadn’t had any food for two days.    

This photo has nothing to do with my theme but i thought this photo was very heart breaking. a child asking why his dad cant have a job, and not understanding that the jobs weren't there to have is just unbelievable the pain that child and his family must have gone through is beyond my understanding. considering the fact i have everything i could ever want or need, i have a house someplace to sleep clothes on my back and food i cant imagine living without any of those things. just so heart breaking 


  1. I wonder how much your psychological well being actually contributes to how healthy you are. It stands to reason that someone who is more stressed and unhappy may die sooner, but I doubt that it has any significant measurable effect. Also, the government might have not counted the number of deaths simply because it would have been too difficult with everyone moving around. If a Tom Smith died and there were multiple ones on the road how would the government be able to tell which one it was? Seems like a lot of work.

  2. Interesting to know that the government didn't keep track of the amounts of deaths. Probably didn't want anyone to know the real number, or they themselves didn't want to know the number because they may feel guilty?

  3. This take on death is very interesting. I agree that during times of dispare death rates go up for many psychological and physical reasons. I do not think it is or was hidden intentionally by the government. For today the amount of deaths are recorded but simply are not reported on the news often to prevent civil unrest.

  4. very interesting and very good topic that was covered good points throughout the whole essay.

  5. Depressions and recessions are trying times. At least today there are more means to get the necesseties of life even if you are unemployed. Migrants only had themeselves and others who were in the same predicament as them, to rely on. A lot of them paid the ultimate price.

    The picture was relative to the topic, you just have to jump a few steps ahead to what you were talking about. A very powerful, heart breaking image.


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