Monday, October 22, 2012

Chapter 22 Analysis

  • Characters in 22: Timothy Wallace and his son Wilkie: residents of the camp that work for Mr.Thomas laying pipe and try to get Tom a job. Mr. Thomas owns acres and belongs to the Farmers' Association. Jim Rawley manager of the government camp. Annie Little Field, Jessie Bullitt, and Ella Summers women of the sanitary unit four that were on the Ladies Committee. Mrs Sandry the camps "crazy lady" she is a devote Christan. Miss Joyce her children had the "skitters" and were thought to be stealing toilet paper.
  • Main events: The Joads' arrives at the government camp. Tom meets Mr. Wallace and his son Wilkie and they get him a temporary job laying pipe for Mr. Thomas. The men go looking for work unsuccessfully. Ma Joad gets a tour of the unit by the Ladies Committee. Mrs. Sandry (a crazy women) talks to Rose of Sharon and tells her not to commit any sins like "clutch-an'-hug dancin," or she'll drop the baby. Ma gets irritated the Tom got a job  right away and none of the other men can seem to find work.
  • Themes: hope, unity, and work. 
  •  Questions: Why do Winfield and Ruthie think Winfield broke the toilet? Why does Pa get defensive and angry when Ma tells him the manager stopped by?
  • Passages: Page 309 "The brown woman's voice was rising in intensity. "I seen it. Girl a-carryin' a little one jes' like you. An' she play-acted, an' she hug-danced. And" -- the voice grew bleak and ominous--"she thinned out and she skinned out, an'--she dropped that baby, dead." Page 317 "Ruthie moved menacingly out on the court. "I'm gonna play." The pig-tails gripped her mallet tightly. Ruthie sprang at her, slapped her, pushed her, and wrested the mallet from her hands. "I says I was gonna play," she said triumphantly." 
  • Comparison: The Joad's still aren't finding much work, and can't establish a "home."
  • Contrast: The are being treated like normal human beings at the camp which they haven't felt treated normal since they have been on the road.


  1. this is a good lay out of chapter 22! you can really see the key points in this chapter, and the characters in it.

  2. Great work of this chapter, great detail in each topic that is discussed in this chapter.

  3. I also did chapter 22. I thought this chapter was really funny, especially when Winfield and Ruthie thought that they had broken the toilet.

  4. Chapter 22 was a good chapter because it really shows The unity in the family.

  5. The children are very unfamiliar with what we consider, today, as basic necessities. It also puts in contrast how the poor lived and how the wealthy lived especially when the children mistook the toilet flushing for it breaking.

  6. I really enjoyed the description of the characters. This whole chapter made me smile, I was skeptical at first but once the Joad's started to meet the people I got excited that for once they might be able to settle down and relax and get reacquainted with society. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed your passages that you selected. Thank you.

  7. The thing that surprised me about this chapter is the way Mr. Timothy felt about the Farmers Association. This I think is the first time where we see the compassionate side of a local farmer.

  8. I thought this chapter compared to most of the others had a more positive look. It was "happier." I think you did a very good job explaining the characters and giving good description so if others read this and hadn't read the book, they could get a good feel for what this book is about. Good job!


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