Monday, October 15, 2012

exploration 7

Hannah Loper
Mike Lohre

                                                              Roles In police officers

              during the grapes of wrath you could feel how the Joads were a little intimidated by the officials. Police officers used their power in a negative way, and tried to control the people. The Joads seek to get away from the officers, because they had burned down the last camp they went to. They went to Weedpatch Camp and officials were not aloud on the premises. During the depression family's worried about trying to feed their family's and how they would get by, police officers tried to keep the people under control, and make sure they wasn't sleeping on private land, stealing things, and causing a disruption. Many family's move to the west to find work because they were miss guiding and thought there was large amounts of work. But when they got there, there wasn't much work for them, and they became angry and panicked on how they would feed their families. Police officer were then feared because they made people leave there camping areas, and were just looked down upon. During reading Chapter 22 you can see that they were scared that the camp would be shut down because someone would cause a fight and officials would come in and not allow them to reside there anymore. The depression brought the worst out in the officials and the people really feared them.
           you see this happen a lot in today's society. When were in a tough situation, or the United States is under stress we tend to use more officials. twenty years ago we wouldn't have had as many security as we do in airports, now that thing are getting bad and people cant be trusted the U.S puts more precaution up and tries to protect the people.

                                                 This is a photo of officials during the 20's


  1. Good points here, Hannah! It's truly sad to see corruption at any time, but specifically when the victims are helpless. We most certainly see this theme of fear and disdain for the police all throughout our reading! And it is so sad to read about how awful these men treated the okies, but then we learn that they have to in a way to get paid. We see the total chaos and anarchy being created when everyone looks out for only themselves and forget the golden rule: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." These few words of this adage can go a long way in maintaining peace.

  2. My sister is actually in the police academy. I am very proud that she would want to take on such a risky career.

  3. There was a lot of corruption at the time, which caused the officials to be really mean to the helpless families. The families were just trying to get by and the officials just pushed them around. They did whatever they wanted to try and keep the "Okies" under control.

  4. this is very true. it would be very hard to keep sanity though through through this time i can imagine!


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