Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chapter 26

  • Joad family leaves the Weedpatch camp
  • Joad family finds work at Hooper Ranch
  • Tom finds Casy leading a strike outside the Ranch
  • A man kills Casy for leading the strike, Tom is outraged and kills the man
  • Joad family leaves the Ranch and try to protect Tom, as well as find more work
  • Find a place that they might be able to get a job at
  • Joad family
  • Casy
  • Store Clerk
  • Family (sticking together)
  • Hatred towards Okies (ignorance of who they are)
  • Desperation
  • Should the rest of the Joad family have left Tom behind?
  • Is it right for Tom and his family to try to justify killing that man.
  •  Pg. 382
    • "Well, they was nice fellas, ya see. What made 'em bad was...They come a-runnin', and they give us some other stuff to eat--give it to us. Ya see?"
  • Pg. 386-387
    • "Tom looked down at the preacher. The light crossed...The water stung and burned."
  • The Joad family is on the move once again. We have seen this throughout the book, families moving from place to place trying to find work and make a living.
  •   Ma becomes the decision maker in the family. This is very different than the family government we saw early in the story. It also is very different than what most other families we like at this time.


  1. Good analysis of chapter 26. I like both of your questions. I also like your second passage. It really lets you see what Tom was feeling, and you can also feel how he was being hunted.

  2. Very concise, it hits on the key points without rewriting the chapter. If I had to answer your question about tom killing the man, I would say it was wrong for him to kill him, but in a way it was touching that he would do that for his friend.


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