Monday, October 1, 2012

Morgans favorite chapter

The chapter that stood out the most to me was chapter 7, when the car salesmen Jim was trying to sell cars to the people that were headed to California to look for a jobs and a better life for their family. The reason this chapter stood out to me the most was because of Jim’s harsh words and lies that he would tell his customers. He was stealing people’s money by cheating them and filling the cars with sawdust and replacing the good quality engines with engines that were cracked. It was hard to believe that this guy could be so mean when he knew that the travelers needed their money for survival and they had already been through so much with the tenants and their land.
I think the theme in chapter 7 shows that no matter what disaster hits the community it’s important we help each other and stick together whereas the sales mean were being greedy and wanting more for themselves for example on page 87 the salesmen is giving the customer a hard time for not wanting to buy and his making him feel guilty as if he has wasted his time since he decided he doesn’t want to buy the car now.


  1. I agree. It is hard to believe that people could be so greedy during those times. Though I doubt the salesmen themselves really saw it that way. Nobody thinks of themselves as a villain.

  2. Chapter 7 stood out to me too. It is horrendous that a man can make money off the suffering of others. The cruetlty of others seems like it may be a reoccuring theme for the Joads.

  3. i think this is still an existing problem in today's society but not just with cars. it happens every where. and it's sad because even noww people dont always have the money to buy something like a new car and could only afford a used one. it's quite sad

  4. i agree. it was just very tough to read about and how things like this actually happened.


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