Monday, October 15, 2012

Morgan Kuntupis
English 1110.03 1:15-3:15
Mike Lohre
15 October 2012

A theme that I find that is re occurring and very important to The Grapes of Wrath is the importance of family. This is shown in the book when the family goes through many struggles whether it be from grandma and grandpa dying, to the family getting kicked off their land from the tenants. This can be related a lot to the present because today we still view family as the most important thing. Families stick together and face challenges just like the Joads did. This theme is important to me because I see a lot of similarities with the Joad family that my family has. For example Ma's job is to keep the family calm and to be the caretaker where as thats what my mom does in our family a lot. We can also relate this to the present if a family loses a job because of financial problems they will move the family to another place to hope for a better future.

This picture really grasped my attention. It gives you a vivid picture of the severity of the Dust Bowl and the struggles the family encountered traveling through this. It made it even more amazing to me of how well the Joads overall had kept it together. It also shows determination to me. Traveling through this could not be easy but families during this time period seemed to do whatever they could to make sure their family would have a better life. 


  1. I agree, I feel like family is a huge theme in the book! The picture you choose really shows the intensity of the "dust bowl."

  2. The importance of family is a very important theme in this book and I assume is a large part of peoples' lives in America. The struggles the Joads go through in this book would be impossible if not for Ma in my opinion.


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