Monday, October 15, 2012

Exploration 7: Progression is a Paradox

A theme that I see presenting itself within the book is “Progression is a Paradox.” What I mean by this is the migrants that moved to California did so because of change and progression in technology (tractors). Though when this progression in technology was occurring the workers in the fields of California were being treated like slaves which was receding the progress of equal rights in America.

When I researched this theme I found out that people may see Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal as paradoxical. The New Deal was designed to institute progress in the American economy which in theory would give Americans more freedom to do as they please. Some saw and still do see his social program as something that took away rights because of having more regulations. Also, I found out from the research that many people during the Great Depression pushed for higher, fairer wages. The progress taken toward these fair wages seems as though it would be good thing all around. This was not true for many of the business owners because they saw this progress as progress towards Communism which by popular American belief is a bad thing. The sites I used to get some of this information is below.

When it comes to progress throughout history, especially in technology, this theme presents itself. For example, the vacuum cleaner; this machine of mechanical wonder helped cut the time of sweeping the floor in half if not more. The problem though is with this new technology came a new standard for how clean a house should be. This in turn made it so this time saving device made it so the amount of time spent cleaning stayed the same or actually increased. An example from today is the beloved smart phones. They are made so it is easier to check your email, surf the web, make phone calls, and get an app that will do anything. Smart phones do accomplish this goal of making these things easier but it opens a door to a world with a need to “stay connected” all the time. This means people expect less time for replies, returning calls, status updates, and excreta. So in the end does a smart phone make life easier?

Families were "tractored out" of their homes. Is this a step forward or step back?

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