Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chaper 22

Tom gets a job working for Thomas making 25 cents an hour, he would be paid more but the farmers association limits the amount being paid to each person.
The Joads discovered public bathrooms as Ma went into the Mens.
 Every body in the family seems to be meeting new people such as when Ma meets Jim Rawley, the camp manager.
"responsibilities"  Tom gets a job while right in the morning every one else got up to start looking for jobs.
"Relief" The family has a sort of break when they find the camp to stay at and they are being treated like they are people and not Okies.

Why does Mrs. Sandry think Jim is the devil?
What is play acting?

This chapter is more of the Joads getting a break then having a hassle with life like they have had in the past.
They are similar however because they do not ALL have jobs yet.

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  1. I can't believe that Tom was only making .25 cents an hour. I agree this chapter doesn't have nearly as much "drama" as the past chapters have had whetther it be from granma and granpa dying, to be getting kicked off of their land and dealing with where they will go now. It was also surprising to me that the Joads got treated with respect at this camp where as when they were in hooverville they were treated terrible by the locals


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