Monday, October 1, 2012

chapter 13

To me chapter thirteen was my favorite. It had so much detail and so much information in it from the Joads meeting the Wilsons to Grandpa passing away due to a stroke. I feel like it was one of the best cause you saw the family kind of come together as a unit especially when they lost a family member I. It just showed that the Joads are in it for the long haul and they won’t give up no matter what odds are stacked against them.  I think a theme that is starting to be evolved here is that the road to California is going to be harder than the Joads thought it would be.  One of my favorite passages is right after the Grandma made Casey say prayers with her for the grandpa.
 “Granma was still then. And outside the tent all the noise had stopped. A car whished by on the highway. Casey still knelt on the floor beside the mattress. The people outside were listening, standing quietly intent on the sounds of dying. Sairy took Granma  by the arm and led her outside, and Granma moved with dignity and held her head high. She walked for her family and held her head straight for the family. Sairy took her to the mattress lying on the ground and sat her down it. And Granma looked straight ahead, proudly, for she was on show now. The tent was still, and at last Casey spread the tent flaps with his hands and stepped out.”
Just the raw emotion that went through this passage was amazing how no words were said and everyone in the family kind of just had their eyes opened to what had happened and that time stopped for the Joads and Wilsons and for a short moment so did the trip. All they cared about was this moment and how to help it, in anyway possible.


  1. I agree completely!! I feel like the author is trying to show you the struggles along the way of how hard the journey is going to be. I feel like the writer tries to hide this theme and focus more on the strong bond between the families but then when grandpa dies the theme becomes more apparent and you start to worry even more for their journey to California.

  2. Anyone who has ever been to a funeral knows that emotions are running very high, and for Granma to keep her composure under such circumstances is extremely difficult. I was also impressed with the Wilson's handling of such an ackward situation. He really speaks to the kind of people they are.


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