Monday, October 15, 2012

Exploration 7

Brandon Keirns
English 1110.03 1:15P.M.
Mike Lohre
October 15th 2012


                 Reading about the hooverville otherwise known as shanty towns blew my mind on how much people could go through during this time in these areas. The sizes of these hoovervilles ranged from just a small little corner to nearly full entire cities during this time. I can think of a few things that relates to modern  day times with the hooverville but the one that jumps to me the most that relates is shelter houses for homeless people. This really doesn't have a value to me because I have a home to live it, but i do like to help out the people in need any way that I can everyday.

Just showing how hard of a time this was, this is a hooverville just outside of Portland Oregon. A big city like Portland having a hooverville within the limits even if it is out west.


  1. I agree! It was amazing to see how kind the migrants were to one another and how they tried staying optimistic even when the police came for them and were mean to them. It makes me really thankful reading this book.

  2. It's remarkable. These people built towns out of trash. Now that's ingenuity. Then the people who were well off would burn these towns. Talk about kicking a man while he's down...


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