Monday, October 1, 2012

The Grapes of Wrath-1st Post

The chapter that I found most important was chapter 8. I find this chapter important, because it tells us about Tom’s family. It introduces many of his family members and describes them in great detail. We are able to truly connect with them and understand what they are like. It gives us insight about how Tom looks at some of the members of his family, such as his mom, and how some of his family looks at him, such as Al.  A theme I feel is important in this chapter is the unity of family. It is important for families to get along with one another, to understand one another, and to be able to communicate with one another.
A passage that I found important in my reading was the passage where Old Tom saw Tommy and they were reunited.
Old Tom laid his hammer gently on the floor and put his nails in his pocket. He swung his leg over the side and dropped lithely to the ground, but once beside his son he seemed embarrassed and strange. “Tommy,” he said, “we are goin’ to California. But we was gonna write you a letter an’ tell you.” And he said incredulously, “But you’re back. You can go with us. You can go!” The lid of a coffee pot slammed in the house. Old Tom looked over his shoulder. “Le’s supprise ‘em,” he said, and his eyes shone with excitement. “Your ma got a bad feelin’ she ain’t never gonna see you no more. She got that quiet look like when somebody died. Almost she don’t want to go to California, fear she’ll never see you no more.” A stove lid clashed in the house again. “Le’s supprise ‘em,” old Tom repeated. “Le’s go in like you never been away. Le’s jus’ see what your ma says.” At last he touched Tom, but touched him on the shoulder timidly, and instantly took his hand away.


  1. this was my favorite chapter as well! His father seemed to be tender hearted man, and you could tell how much he had missed his son by the reaction of first seeing him.

  2. I also like this chapter because Steinbeck makes you feel as if you have known Tom's family your whole life. He describes them with such detail that it makes you feel like you have known them and are close with them.


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