Monday, October 15, 2012

Political Changes

Political change underscored the cultural change. Franklin Roosevelt led New Deal Democrats, which took over the reins of government from the Republicans, who had maintained for a generation control of the government, utilized the mass media to promote their politics and American values, including belief in the “common man.” When Roosevelt created the New Deal it gave American's a sense of hope and a new found spirit. In time of a national depression, the President tries to instill faith in his people. We see this even today when Obama ran for president before his first term, his campaign slogan was all about hope and change during our recession.
Obama's campaign slogan in 2008, he wanted to instill hope in Americans.


  1. People get so caught up with their individual concerns that they forget to care for others. I feel that both the presidents you mentioned saw a need for a more collectivist society rather than a dog eat dog world.

  2. I agree that giving a country hope for a better future is an important quality of being a president. Though I disagree with hope if it is nothing more than false security. This combined with a media that molds the news for the gain of a certain political party can lead to disastrous consequences in my opinion.


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