Wednesday, October 17, 2012

chapter 22 Hannah and Austin

1.When the Joads arrive at Weedpatch camp they briefly spoke with the camp director then went off to bed. Tom was the first one to wake and he found a job paying $0.25 an hour, went off to work with Tim and Wilkie. Mr. Thomas hired Tom on the job. Ma and Jim Rolley Had coffee together and discussed about the camp. then the Lady's committee came and gave rose of sharron and Ma a tour and the rules of the place. Rose of Sharron was caught off guard by a crazy women named Mrs. Sandry saying that shes going to drop her baby (miscarriage) if she have ever clutch-an-hug dancing.

2. A good theme for this chapter is fresh start, Work is harder to find then they thought, and sticking together. 
question one: why do you think Mrs. Sandry try to scare Rose of Sharron about her baby?
question two: why was it so hard for Tom to find a job when Pa, Al, uncle John couldn't find any work?
Two passages that really stuck out to us was on page 294 and 295. in this passage they a discussing the farmers association and how there $0.30 wages are being dropped down to $0.25. Another good passage was on page 315 and 316, this is where Mrs. Joyce is telling the committee Lady's that the toilet paper is missing because her daughters have been eating green grapes because that's all they can afford. The committee Lady's tell her to go to the store and she will be given $5 credit to buy food, and she has to pay it back when she gets the money.

3.In this chapter you see a different side of the Oakies and the more tender side of people and the more caring and loving people who only want to look out for one another. It can compared to Charity's in todays society, where people band together to complete a goal and help others.Comparing the two camps that the Joads have gone to the first camp they were going to make Tom pay another 50 cents to sleep there although is family had already paid to sleep. At camp Weedpatch they make it easier to live in the circumstances and they dont have to pay to live there if they work for the camp, and its a more friendly enviorment.

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