Monday, October 1, 2012

The Grapes of Wrath

The chapter I found most important is chapter eight because Uncle Jack felt that it was his fault his woman past away. Uncle Jack spent all his time making it up to somebody by giving kids stuff or dropping a sack of food on somebody’s porch. He felt unhappy even when giving everything he had away. The theme I saw in this everyone doesn’t have knowledge that everyone must go at some point in time. It is no one’s fault but it was their time to go. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up over it.

One passage from my active reading is “I ain’t a-goin’. This country ain’t no good, but it’s my country. No, you all go ahead. I’ll jus’ stay right here where I b’long.” in chapter 10 because Grampa was too proud to leave.


  1. I thought what Uncle Jack did was honorable. Even thought it was not his fault he still felt obligated to make the lives of everybody else better even in such a difficult time in history.

  2. The uncle does seem like a complex character. His actions are obviously heavily influenced by guilt. He goes back and forth from trying to forget to trying to redeem through his actions.

  3. that was one of my favorite parts in this chapter! uncle jack never seemed to forgive himself for it.

  4. Wow! I found that part of chapter 8 to be very sad as well. I can't imagine the guilt he must have felt. It would be great to see him overcome that guilt and understand that it wasn't his fault rather than becoming paranoid with every ache and pain his relatives feel.

    But your right, death is a natural process of life. It is simply inevitable. There is no way of avoiding it and at some point in time death will find each and everyone of us unless the Good Lord returns before then.

  5. i found this chapter very engaging as well just because i feel like a lot of us do what uncle Jack did to some extent. We blame ourselves for things that we weren't in control of just out of despair for someone we loved. I think this, like chapter 13 shows more characterization of the characters and makes you feel more connected to uncle Jack and understanding.


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