Monday, October 15, 2012

Hoovervilles Exploration 7

Reading this section with the camp made me begin to think about what it would be like and how big the camps would be and all sorts of different things. I searched Hoovervilles and so much information came up it was hard to retain it all. In some parts the Hoovervilles could be as big as a small city and house up to 1,200 people! This just absolutely blew my mind when you think of how many people that is in such a small area. The only thing i could relate a Hooverville to today is maybe a food bank in which homeless people could go and get a meal from and maybe spend the night if there is an open bed. I will copy a link to the whole page which is very interesting to read.

Tacoma's "Hollywood-on-the-Tideflats" was burned by city officials in May 1942, but was soon reoccupied and rebuilt. Courtesy Tacoma Public Library. Click image to see more pictures from the Tacoma Public Library Digital Archives.


  1. I think Hoovervilles were very interesting. I remember learning about them in my history class last year.

  2. thats crazy.. my house gets crazy with let alone 4 people. Icant' imagine how crazy the Hooverville camps would be with that many people!

  3. Trailer parks are our modern Hoovervilles. 1,200 seems like a lot, but is it really? I mean there were more than that in my highschool alone.


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