Monday, October 15, 2012

Exploration #7

Kyle Massey
English 1110.03
Mike Lohre
15 October 2012

        A common theme that is recurring endlessly is the theme of family, and how unity is necessity in times of despair. It can be said that the immigrants as a whole are all in part of one big family. They all are in pursuit of happiness. Every one of those immigrants knows exactly what the other one is going through, creating a bond that can't be described in words. Just as when Ma Joad gave a hungry child food, in which she herself, was struggling to provide for her family. This theme can be seen throughout the world from tribal families in far remotes, to families developed within the walls of a state reformatory. All share a common bond. Instances within history can be traced back to World War II when Jews where locked up and robbed of all human rights. The bond those prisoners share can never be expressed through words.

        A group known as the Special Interrogation group (SIG) was founded in Britain. This group was developed by volunteer Jews, whose mission was to save fellow Jews and sabotage missions of the Axis force. Yet again we see the power of unity and "family" between the volunteer soldiers and the Jews they are risking life and limb to save. This is all part of that bond that cannot be described through words. The bond of brotherhood, the bond of friendship, the bond of “family”.
Three volunteers from SIG. December 20, 1941


  1. I agree that family is a very important and reoccuring theme in the book. Its amazing how people that are going through the same thing together can create such a strong bong. They even give what little they have to help others who have left as Ma Joad did with the children.

  2. Family is very important to me. And I like that theme in the book as well. I like how Ma refused to let anyone leave without the family.

  3. I definitely see the importance of a united family in this book. Family is one of the most important things and it is truly amazing how the migrants act as one huge family. Good Research.

  4. I definitely agree and see how important family is in this book. Ma has a really warm and caring heart to help those children even when her own family didn't have much. I feel like in the world today you wouldn't really see that ver much. Our society now seems to be focused on themselves only and what "they" can get out of something so it was really refreshing to see ma do something so nice to help others out.


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